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Dr Dick Beatty is a full-time Queensland Vasectomy Doctor, on a mission to provide the best possible experience.

Our universally positive online reviews attest to the professionalism and care from Dr Dick & the team.

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Meet Dr. Dick

Specializing effectively in vasectomy ensures regular exposure to variations in anatomy and the adjustment of technique.

At the core of his practice is a commitment to ensuring each patient describes the experience as surpassing expectations.

Dedicated Vasectomy clinics ensure that Dr. Dick is ‘in the groove’  to provide a seamless service.

Master of his Craft

After your procedure, there’s one key takeaway that will stand out in your memory—what might that be?

Comfort is the obvious key performance indicator, along with rate of success and complications.

All outcomes are therefore carefully audited.  Furthermore, Two-week post-procedure satisfaction survey results show very high rates of approval – also thanks to his excellent support staff.

The most up-to-date

Icon of No-Scalpel Vasectomy , loop of vas deferens brought out through the skin


In the past, the operation required a cut through the skin, one on each side. Sedation was the norm, and the wounds closed with stitches requiring removal later.

In contrast, the no-scalpel method gains access to both tubes via a tiny hole at the front of the scrotum that closes itself without skin stitches. Minimal trauma to the tissue means you can return to work and physical activities sooner. Furthermore, rates of bleeding and infection are low.

No-Scalpel is the vasectomy equivalent of keyhole surgery, a great start but only tells you how to get to the tubes.

icon of open-ended vasectomy showing a spermatozoa swimming freely


Open-ended vasectomy is the gold standard method of blocking the tubes, with a higher success rate and less post-procedure discomfort than closed vasectomy.

The method requires either Internal stitches or titanium clips. The clips are a well respected and efficient technique, but patients occasionally report feeling the clips afterward. For this reason, Dr Beatty switched from clips to absorbable stitches in 2019.

The open-ended method using stitches requires considerable attention to detail. However, the rate of failure is extremely low.

stitches across the vas deferens, one on each side.


  1. A 3mm hole is made through the skin with a special instrument.
  2. The left tube is gently lifted from the skin to reveal a loop of Vas Deferens (‘tube‘) with its outside layer called ‘fascia.’
  3. Dissection separates the fascia away from the tube.
  4. Electrocautery seals the inside lining of the tube at the upper end.
  5. The tube is now cleanly cut.
  6. The upper-end slips inside its fascial layer.
  7. Manipulation of the tube and fascial layer ensures that the ‘stump’ of the upper end is completely covered by fascia.
  8. The fascia is held in place with an absorbable stitch.
  9. The tube is released into the sac.
  10. Steps 3 to 9 are repeated on the right tube – through the same hole.
  11. As a result, no skin stitches are required.

In this way, No-scalpel and open-ended methods are combined to achieve optimal outcomes and a great patient experience.

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  • You are welcome to bring your partner, or fly solo.
  • Benefits & small risks are discussed with Dr Beatty.
  • Remove your shoes, belt & empty your pockets.
  • Take a breath & hop on the couch, your pants & jocks halfway down.
  • Warmed antiseptic solutions is applied.
  • A sterile drape covers your private area.
  • Chat, listen to music or watch TV (Cleveland).
  • An ultrafine needle (literally) glides through your skin.
  • You will feel some pressure for a few seconds on each side.
  • Relax in the knowledge you are in expert hands.
  • Hop off the couch, go through the aftercare, and you’re done!

The operation takes around 20 minutes, made up of:

  • 3 minutes: preparation, including the use of antiseptic
  • 3 minutes: achieving good anaesthesia
  • 15 minutes: The procedure itself

Choosing your Vasectomist

Selecting your vasectomy provider is an important decision, so let’s ask a few questions:

What is the price? The overall cost amounts to $440.  The total price is $695, and you receive $255 back from medicare.

How convenient is the service? We offer the convenience of a single 45 minute visit that covers both the pre-vasectomy consultation and the procedure. You are allowed to drive home afterward.

Who is doing your Vasectomy? At all our five clinics, you will be attended to by Dr. Dick Beatty.

How skilled is the doctor? While training is an essential initial step toward becoming a skilled vasectomist, considerable hands-on experience is required.

Which technique is used? No-scalpel Open-ended technique is the gold standard of care.

How relaxed will you feel? The only people in the procedure room are yourself and/or your partner, and the doctor. Kasey, Katie & Cassie provide crucial support both before and after the procedure.

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The website provides comprehensive information and FAQs on vasectomy. While most patients prefer to book online, feel free to call us if you have any questions.

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One Dr. Dick, Five Locations

Our Main Clinic

The Vasectomist HQ in Cleveland operates three full days per week and is used for nothing other than vasectomies.

As a result, most of our appointments are at Cleveland, with patients travelling from all over SEQ to get an earlier appointment.

A nice addition is TV is served overhead in our dedicated procedure room.

Visiting Clinics

You generally book at least a few weeks ahead for our visiting clinics where you can be assured of an equally exemplary experience from the same team.

Our original Greenslopes (Logan Rd) clinic opened in 2018, re-locating to Greenslopes Private Hospital in October 2021. Shortly afterwards, we opened our first Gold Coast clinic.  Inner Brisbane Northside opened in 2020 (Newstead), & our 5th location opened March 2022 at Springfield.

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