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Vasectomy Planner

When can you get back into action?

The following general advice gives you a good idea as to when you can get back to full duties – Sooner than most guys think. Advice is general and should be confirmed with the doctor

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Is Dr. Dick at each clinic?

One of the most common questions, and the answer is Yes.

What are the clinic schedules?

Dr Dick’s schedules for each location:

Cleveland (East Brisbane)Most weekdays
Coomera (Gold Coast/M1)Thursdays fortnightly
Newstead (North Brisbane)Wednesdays fortnightly
Greenslopes (South Brisbane)Fridays fortnightly
Springfield (serving Ipswich)Some Tuesdays

How many visits are required to get a Vasectomy?

The answer is One.

However, we ask you to make an appointment for a consultation-only if you answer ‘yes’ to any of the following questions:

  • You have any uncertainties about permanent contraception, or
  • You are age 25 to 27 years and not fathered, or
  • You are age under 25 and fathered in a long term relationship, or
  • Your BMI is greater than 50. You can calculate your BMI here.

Unfortunately, we are unable to see men directly under 25 years who have not fathered. We are a regulated service, and act in accordance to standard practice.  Your best option is to see your GP and discuss your options that may include a supportive referral letter. In our experience, such referral letters are usually an unsupportive ‘please see’ style of letter.

For a consultation-only simply follow this link to schedule a ‘vasectomy suitability check’ – these appointments are only available in Cleveland. Please note you won’t pay more for deciding to visit us in advance. Your combined out of pocket costs for a vasectomy suitability check and later vasectomy will be the same.

Can I have sedation before the vasectomy?

Sedation is not required. Feedback from (even) super-anxious patients after their procedure shows a very high satisfaction rate.

Prior to the procedure, all patients are asked how they are feeling on a scale from 0 to 10.  Every day we see men reporting 7+ 

Remember, it’s normal to be anxious.

Men who feel extremely anxious about getting the snip may request a sedative tablet. Fewer than 1 in 300 men take a sedative tablet at our clinic prior to the procedure. The tablet takes around 30 minutes to work, and you will need someone to drive you home.  To arrange this, you can still book online but phone us at least one day prior to the procedure so we can make arrangements.

The most powerful relaxant is banter!

How long does Vasectomy take to perform?

No-Scalpel Open-Ended vasectomy with Fascial Interposition (with internal stitches) takes around 20 minutes.

You will be in the clinic for around 45 minutes.

Can my partner come in with me?

25% of guys come with their partner to the clinic, of whom half stay for the vasectomy.


How should I shave before Vasectomy?

Before the vasectomy, the area to shave or clip should include the upper front and side of the scrotum (‘the sac’). The tiny incision is higher up in the midline than many guys think. Lift your penis out of the way to get to the area of the sac that needs the most attention.

Go higher than you think!

Wet shaving is probably easier than a beard trimmer which tends to cause cuts.

You can shave slightly away from the skin to reduce nicks. Stubble is fine!

What should I wear at the Vasectomy appointment?

You will slip off your shoes and belt before lying on the couch, where you lower your trousers and underwear. Those dressing for the occasion can leave the belt at home and wear slip-on shoes.

When can I have a shower after vasectomy?

After your vasectomy, you must keep the area dry that day but can shower the following morning.

Should I eat before Vasectomy?

The Vasectomy is performed under local anaesthetic. It is important to eat something to help prevent fainting – though fainting is truly rare at the clinic, the chance of fainting is lower than during a blood test because you are lying horizontal.

So have a good breakfast to help keep up your energy levels.

What should I bring to the appointment?

Your Vasectomy packing list:

  • Your Medicare card.
  • A payment card (non amex).

Should I stop medication before vasectomy?

No-Scalpel Vasectomy is a low-bleeding risk procedure, and stopping the blood thinners is likely much riskier than the small risk of uncontrollable bleeding during a vasectomy. For this reason, Patients taking blood thinners should continue them unless advised to stop by their treating doctor. However, Patients taking blood thinners for a short period may consider postponing their vasectomy until the medication has been stopped. A typical one-off blood clot is treated with blood thinners for 4-6 months, and it makes sense to postpone the vasectomy until the medication has been stopped.

Dr Dick Beatty is usually happy to perform a vasectomy on men taking blood thinners, except short-term blood thinners or other risk factors for bleeding, such as challenging anatomy.

Anti-inflammatory medications, such as Ibuprofen, Nurofen, Voltaren, and Diclofenac, have a very mild blood-thinning effect. You should generally stop taking these at least two days before the vasectomy. If you take some accidentally, please mention it to the doctor on the day, but it’s not a big deal.

Men taking blood thinners may still go ahead and book an appointment. However, please let us know in advance the name of the medication and the reason for taking it.

Low-dose aspirin is not a big deal. Continue ‘mini aspirin’ if you started taking it on a doctor’s recommendation – usually because of a high of cardiovascular disease.

Immunosuppressants should be continued.

Your Visit

Which clinics have parking?

Parking is as follows:

  • Cleveland – free parking adjacent or behind the building
  • Newstead – park at ‘Gasworks’ carpark
  • Coomera – free underground parking
  • Springfield – parking on the other side of the road from the building
  • Greenslopes hospital – park in the ‘orange car park’ – reasonable price car park

We pride ourselves on being on time.

Plan to walk through the door 5-10 minutes prior to your appointment time to give yourself enough time to go to settle in and /or go to the toilet for that last-minute nervous pee! The best way for you to be relaxed is to arrive in good time.

We understand that Gold Coast & Brisbane traffic can be congested, so phone us if you’re running late.

Who do I see at the clinic?

The Vasectomist Clinics are all run by Dr. Dick Beatty. Five Clinics, One Vasectomist.

Clinics at Cleveland, Springfield, and Greenslopes Private Hospital are all vasectomy-only. Newstead and Coomera Specialist Clinics are shared with other healthcare professionals. However, you only meet Dr Dick and his team.

At all of our clinics, you are initially greeted by Kasey, Katie or Cassie, whilst the procedure itself is performed by Dr. Dick Beatty without staff being present.

Is everyone suitable for a vasectomy?

Reasons for being unsuitable for a vasectomy are:

  • Age <25 years and not fathered.
  • High risk of regret.
  • You are not comfortable with the small risks of the procedure.
  • You are simply unsure whether to proceed.
  • Anatomy is rarely not suitable for no-scalpel vasectomy. For example, very raised BMI and/or high testes.

How long am I at the clinic?

You are at the clinic around 45 minutes.

Can I drive home?

You can drive home after the procedure – just like after other minor surgical procedures.
As a general rule:

  • Wait at least 20 minutes before getting into the car.
  • Be 100% sure you feel fine before driving.

It is possible to feel lightheaded after you leave the clinic, just like after a blood test or dental procedure. Driving in the slow lane is prudent. The bottom line is that it is generally safe to drive home afterwards as long as you feel fine after the procedure and don’t jump into the car immediately. You will be given the all-clear to leave by the staff at the clinic.

Can I contact the doctor afterwards?

Thankfully, problems are unusual but you are encouraged to contact Dr Beatty with any issues.

The majority of aftercare issues are sorted out over the phone.

A follow up face-to-face appointment is rarely required. You may be asked to travel to Cleveland for the appointment, or prefer to see your own GP.

Dr Beatty’s mobile number is given to you after the procedure. Please text the doctor if you have any concerns at all and he will text or ring you back as soon as possible.


What should I do when I get home after Vasectomy?

The Anaesthetic wears off after 3 hours. Pain relief is not routinely required, but Ibuprofen (Nurofen)  may be taken thrice daily.

Shower the dressing off the next morning, and replace it with one bandaid daily (we supply) for the next week.

Continue with supportive underwear during the day for at least three days – longer if you feel it helps.

Avoid repeated lifting >25kg  for the first five days.

Lie up on the couch & relax when you get the chance.

When can I return to work after Vasectomy?

Non-physical work – return a day or two after the procedure, but nothing stops catching up on emails when you get home.
Physical work – ideally, take at least three days off. Recovery is variable, and you might need longer.

If you require a medical certificate, please ask Dr Beatty or our friendly staff to organise this for you on the day.

How soon can I have sex after Vasectomy?

You must continue to use contraception until you get your all-clear.

Whilst the failure rate is very low, remember that you will remain fertile until the ‘swimmers have cleared the pipes’ – typically a few weeks. However, you should assume you are fertile until after the post-vasectomy result.

Play it safe, not with fire!

Ejaculation can start at least 48 hrs after the procedure, and sex itself after one week.

When can I get back into sport and exercise after Vasectomy?

You can get back into exercise or sport after around a week, depending on how you are feeling and the doctor’s advice. As a guide, we suggest:
Jogging: 5 days.
Gymn: 7 days
Golf: 5-7 days
Swimming in a pool: 5 days.
Surfing: 7-10 days.
Cycling: 7 days.
Footie: 7 to 10 days.
Tennis: 7 days

What should I look out for after the vasectomy?

Let’s start with what’s normal:

  • A lump around each tube,  often the size of a bean or grape
  • Mild to moderate pain or discomfort in the first 1-2 weeks

Complications are rare. In general, you can ignore any mild symptoms in the first 1-2 weeks.


Superficial Bleeding onto, or even through, the bandaid may occur in the 1st 2-3 hrs. Apply 10 minutes of firm pressure followed by an ice pack (over a towel) for 20 minutes. Finally, apply a fresh dressing. Bruising is common but settles down within ten days. The bruising may occasionally look impressive but is itself harmless.

Both bleeding around the dressing and bruising are caused by bleeding from tiny blood vessels near the wound’s surface. This type of bleeding is annoying but harmless.


It is helpful to distinguish ‘visible swelling’ (that shows in a photo ) from a swelling  you can just feel.

Visible swelling is rare and may be caused by Haematoma or infection.

Haematoma (internal bleeding) occurs in fewer than 1% of Vasectomies. The scrotum becomes swollen and painful. Haematoma typically occurs in the first 3-4 days of the procedure, only rarely on the same day as the procedure.  Bleeding eventually stops, and the blood clot is gradually absorbed. A severe haematoma can take three months to resolve but may be painful.

Infection also causes pain and swelling. Furthermore, the skin may be red and/or hot.

Mild swelling and pain without significant swelling are often monitored without the need for antibiotics.

Can you get blood in the semen?

Please contact Dr Beatty if the blood is large in quantity, causes pain, or does not settle within a few weeks of the procedure.

Blood in the semen can be alarming. However, a little blood in the semen after the vasectomy is quite normal – for up to 3 months or more.

Your Test

When do I do the Post-Vasectomy sample?

More than 25 ejaculations are required to clear the sperm downstream from the procedure.  Very sexually active men – ejaculating at least three times per week – could test at 12 weeks. Infrequent ejaculators (fewer than 1-2 times per week) may consider holding off the test until around 16 weeks.

Do not do your test before 12 weeks for these two reasons:

  • Importantly, the test is time-based – you could be all-clear after a few weeks but the sperm find a way through shortly afterwards.
  • Pathology companies charge a small an ‘out of pocket’ fee for  the semen analysis test in Queensland- around $50 for QML.

Where shall I take the sample, and which lab does the test?

QML Pathology offers the widest range of locations in South-East Queensland, and charge around $70 gap fee for the semen analysis (generally less than other pathology companies).

There are two types of QML locations to take your sample:

QML Collection centres –  nominated by QML as accepting seminal fluid sample. There are around 20 of these collection centres in South East Queensland.
To find your closes collection centre, go to The QML website and filter for ‘Semen Fluid Analysis’. Search for the location off the collection centre as as follows:

    1.  Enter your suburb
    2.  Click on ‘Search by day, time or test’
    3. Select ‘Semen Fluid Analysis’ on the dropdown list

Phone the QML collection in advance to find out the times available. Do your sample at home and take it to the centre at the agreed time. The courier will pick up the sample and make sure it gets to the lab for analysis within 2 hours of you doing the sample.

The easiest option – if you have one in your region – is to take your sample to one of sixteen direct-patient drop-off QML laboratories in Queensland.  No prior arrangement is required – just drop your sample off during their opening hours. Note that Each lab has specific hours of operation.

These labs are located in Auchenflower, Buderim, Bundaberg, Cairns, Everton Park, Gladstone, Ipswich, Mackay, Murarrie, Noosa, North Lakes, Rockhampton, Southport, Spring Hill, Toowoomba and Townsville.
So where exactly are these labs? The QML website does not currently state the address or times for all of these labs. However, we will give you details of any lab close to you at the time of your appointment.

Sullivan & Nicolaides accept seminal fluid samples , according to their website, in 3 locations across SEQ, as well as Hervey Bay and Byron Bay. Select the filter ‘Semen samples accepted’ on their website here. Note that costs vary significantly between pathology providers.

How do I do the Post-Vasectomy sample?


  • You will be provided with a request form and seminal fluid pot before you leave the clinic.
  • Phone your pathology collection centre before you collect your sample. They will advise you what time to arrive with the sample.

You must phone a collection centre first! 


  • Abstain from ejaculation for 2-5 days prior to the test.
  • You (usually you!) collect the sample into a pot. Make sure you catch the whole sample!
  • Write the time of collection on the pot – this is essential.
  • Take the sample straight to the collection centre.


  • Not bringing the request form wtih you. If you have lost the request form then phone us first.
  • At a Collection centre: not arranging a time
  • At the lab, make sure you ring a bell and follow their instructions.


  • Small volume of semen. Normal ejaculate volume is 2-6mls. A sample of < 1ml may need to be repeated. Remember to abstain, and be sure to collect the whole sample.
  • Make doubly sure you write all of your details on the specimen container – including the time of your sample.

What is the price of the semen test?

Pathology companies charge a small fee for post-vasectomy testing. No pathology providers bulk bill post-vasectomy testing. Why? For the same reason that GPs are dropping bulk billing – because the medicare rebate has not kept up with the cost of providing the service. Gap fees range from around $70 to over $150.

QML is a popular choice because of a $70 gap fee (approximate), and the largest number of collection centres across SEQ that accept semen samples for post-vasectomy testing.

The potential cost of skipping the test goes without saying.

How do I get the results of the post-vasectomy sample?

All results are sent to you via SMS or email within two working days.

I order of likelihood, the reasons you may not have received your result within 3 days are:

  • Email has gone to your junk folder
  • Done your test outside Queensland? The result is usually sent by ‘snail mail’
  • Your mobile phone number or email on your registration form is incorrect

Please contact the clinic if you have not received your result within two full working days.