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    Dr Dick Beatty The Vasectomist



Dr Beatty was first introduced to Vasectomy over a decade ago. He was accepted onto The UK’s RCOG formal vasectomy training programme and achieved The FSRH Special Skills Module Certificate in Vasectomy.

He has worked directly with a number of The UK’s most experienced vasectomists, namely Dr Stephen Searle, Dr Mike Henchy, and was accredited by Dr Laurel Spooner who could be said to be The UK’s ‘mother of vasectomy.’


The relevant post nominal qualifications are: BM (SOTON), MRCP(UK) FRACGP Cert LA Vasectomy.

The AHPRA Specialist registration is MED0001798452

Dr Beatty is a past member of The Association of Surgeons in Primary Care (ASPC), and a current Fellow of The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners.

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Professional Ethos

Dr Beatty firmly believes that vasectomy should be an enjoyable experience – for you as well as the doctor! To this end, every effort is made to make the procedure painless. It can’t be guaranteed every time, but the majority of men find the experience rewarding.

He enjoys using the required combination of fine physical and interpersonal skills that are required to perform No Scalpel Vasectomy.

‘The Art of Vasectomy is to make action feel like inaction.’

Dr Beatty:

Enjoys using the precision skill required to perform No Scalpel Vasectomy (NSV).

Wants you to tell your friends how good the experience was.

Only does Vasectomies on clinic days, allowing him to be completely ‘in the groove.’

is A dual Member of both The Royal College of Physicians UK (FRACP equivalent) & FRACG.

is an experienced Medical Educationalist.

He lives in Brisbane Bayside. In his spare time, he plays the keyboard, and is a private pilot flying from Brisbane’s Archerfield Aerodrome.


The practice provides dedicated vasectomy services from the following specialist facilities:

The team consists of:

  • Dr Beatty
  • Cassie Lee – The administrator and receptionist.
  • Ann-Marie – The clinical assistant.
  • Receptionists at the various locations.

The Australian business details are:

The Vasectomist Pty Ltd (ACN 167335873)

The Vasectomist (ABN 41 167 335 873)

Dr Beatty
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First Published: 6/5/2017