Referring Doctors

Dr. Dick Beatty for Doctors

Dr Dick Beatty has performed over 10,000 no-scalpel open-ended vasectomies across SEQ and has likely seen many of your patients.

You are welcome to pass on our details. Formal Referrals, though not required, allow for easy collaboration – and patients can appreciate the personal touch. 

Our Highlights


As you know, vasectomy can be a challenging operation with small risks of complications.  However, Rates of satisfaction and rates of complication are published on our website.


$440 out of pocket – lower than many providers, affordable and accessible. Furthermore, it’s our job to let patients know the price, and we always do.

Patient Experience

We hope that your patient will thank you afterwards for your referral.


Patients are given Dr Dick’s mobile no. and encouraged to contact him with any issues at any time in the future.

Doctor Referral Form

We usually SMS the patient the same working day & will write a courtesy letter after the procedure.