• Affordable Expert No Scalpel open ended clip-free Vasectomy.
  • No separate visit for a consultation is required.
  • No External Stitches means no aftercare visit.
  • Price includes Consult, procedure + standard aftercare.
  • In the very unlikely event that the vasectomy needs to be repeated, then it will be repeated at no extra cost.

  • The total price is $595
  • You ‘get back’ instantly the rebate of $201.50
  • The ‘out of pocket cost’ is therefore $393.50 

Note that some providers quote ‘the price’ as the lower ‘out of pocket cost’ and not the total price. Be sure you know what your paying!


  • $100 deposit at the time of booking secures your appointment.
  • The deposit is (naturally) taken off the total price.
  • The final amount payable on the day is therefore $495
  • Bring your debit card so that the Rebate of $201.50 is immediately paid into your linked bank via medicare easyclaim*

Most guys book an all-in-one visit that covers both the consultation and vasectomy. However, you may book an appointment for a separate consultation if you prefer or require this.

The pricing for a separate consultation is:

  • $100 is paid at the time of your appointment
  • You ‘get back’ between $39 and $75 from medicare (depending on the length of the appointment).

The vasectomy is subsequently booked & priced in the standard way.


We will refund the deposit for any cancellation > 48 hrs before your procedure.


Under 5% of men are unsuitable for the procedure (usually for anatomical reasons). You may also decide not to proceed. Either way:

  • $100 deposit is refunded
  • $155 is charged for the consultation
  • You ‘get back’ around $78 from Medicare

The vasectomy medicare rebate varies slightly from year to year.

The rebate for the procedure is $201.50 for 2021.

Note that Medicare does not allow for a rebating a consultation separately from the procedure. unless the consultation and the procedure are on separate days. If you see around $230 quoted for the rebate then you will need to visits twice. We therefore claim $201.50 for your all-inclusive visit.


You can’t claim on private health, but why? Private health does not generally cover procedures carried out whilst awake in private rooms. Private health can be used for vasectomy requiring Intravenous sedation, but expenses are likely to be considerably higher due to gap fees incurred by any or all of the anaesthetist, surgeon and surgical facility.

Most vasectomies these days are carried out in a private clinic without sedation – with no need to fast, and you can enjoy the rest of your day.


A voucher is available for men who have already made a clear decision that they wish to get a vasectomy. We get enquiries from wives or girlfriends asking if they can buy a vasectomy voucher. Many girlfriends or wives book their man’s vasectomy appointment, and a voucher offers a refundable appointment in a presentable gift voucher format.

It goes without saying that the vasectomy would only proceed if the man is clearly making this decision that is confirmed when the man consults with the doctor prior to the procedure. The voucher suits men who have indicated that they wish to get a vasectomy but haven’t got around to it.

Vouchers are regulated by Australian Consumer Law with a 3 year minimum expiry. We go further because we do not wish your partner to proceed with a medical procedure because of concern about upfront payment. We therefore offer a simple refund at any time before the vasectomy, and this is stated clearly on the voucher itself.

In practice, we would contact you after a few weeks and suggest a refund if no appointment has been made – that way, we are not holding onto your payment, and he can always book later.

You may purchase the voucher here.


The standard terms of the vasectomy voucher are:

  • Medicare rebate of $201 is paid after the procedure into the patient’s bank account.
  • Your partner is age >= 30 years,
  • OR age >=27 years and fathered a child
  • Your partner has indicated to you that they wish to get a vasectomy.
  • Full Refund to you if your partner does not wish to make an appointment.
  • Full Refund to you if your partner is not suitable for a vasectomy – a separate minimal fee is charged for the consultation-only (the gap fee is around $50).
  • Full unconditional refund at any time before the vasectomy.
  • Please note that standard booking terms apply with $100 deduction for cancellation or rescheduling with less 48 hrs notice.
  • The voucher system is a nice touch for couples but we just have to check that your partner has not been coerced into having a vasectomy – sorry we have to put this in, but the obvious does have to be stated!
  • Expiry at 3 years if we have not been able to contact you to arrange a refund.

*Please note that Easyclaim is not available at Ormeau. We can still process the medicare rebate on your behalf – as long as you have a bank account linked to medicare. The only difference is that the rebate takes 3 days and not immediate.

Dr Beatty

Last Reviewed / Modified: 8/8/2021

First Published: 14/8/2016