Behind your one-on-one Vasectomy

    The Vasectomist Team members


The team work hard at patient care, reflecting in consistently positive feedback of our services.

Guys often drive >100km to visit us.

We believe that vasectomy should be:

  • As technically perfect as possible.
  • Affordable – our Price is the same as 3 years ago.
  • Accessible – most guys book online, and you can easily SMS the doctor afterwards.
  • Anxiety-free as possible.
  • Very comfortable – considerable effort is made to live up to this promise.
  • Reduce fear of embarrassment – The procedure is performed ‘one on one’ with just yourself and Dr Beatty in the room.

We will ask you about your experience a couple of weeks after the procedure, and your feedback feeds into our programme of continual service improvement.


Your Vasectomy is the culmination of carefully choreographed processes performed by Dr Beatty and our four dedicated support staff. Monday to friday, we reassure and chat with clients, whilst surgical instruments are sterilised and prepared.

We understand that vasectomy is a landmark event for many men, providing an opportunity to reflect on family, work or life. Reasons for getting the snip are as varied as practicalities, finances, reality, hopes and dreams

The Vasectomist team ‘get it’ – whilst you might prefer to be somewhere else, you are here to get the job done. We aim to ensure that your experience exceeds expectations. Your visit is as important to us as it is to you.

Individualising care is what we do. Every guy is different: some clients want to know everything there is to know about the procedures, while others just want it over and done with. Some clients aim to grab the fishing rod the next day whilst others shoot for working from home the next day, or a few days to chill and recover before their next venture at the workplace.





Cassie has been with Dr Dick since the very beginning. She is a dedicated mother and practice manager to our Vasectomy Team. She comes from a service background and pays close attention to detail.



Care Leader

Kasey’s infectious smile will put you at ease. A proud kiwi, she has grown up and lives in the bayside community with her husband and two children. Enjoing motorbikes and being out on the bays water, she has a true passion for helping others.



Care Leader

Kelly’s calm manner is sure to put you at ease. With her husband and two daughters keeping her busy, she is very dedicated to her fitness and any challenges thrown her way.



Care Leader

Simone is the newest and youngest member of our enthusiastic Vasectomy Team. Growing up in the bayside area, spending time on baysides Stradbroke Island, she has now two young boys and a fiance keeping her very busy.



  • The team will put you at ease the moment you walk in.
  • Relaxing and welcoming facilities.
  • We aim to run ahead of time – guys are often seen early!
  • Surgical Loupes ensure that Dr Dick is focused on the detail.
  • Chat, watch TV or listen to music during your procedure.


  • Dedicated Vasectomy clinics
  • Range of locations across Brisbane & the Gold Coast
  • Rare failures due to recanalisation are repeated at our own cost
  • The service is fully audited
  • Aftercare includes mobile phone contact with The Vasectomist


  • One visit covers both the consult and the procedure
  • Appointments at Cleveland often available at Short notice
  • ‘In and out’ inside the hour
  • Return to non-physical work within a day or two
  • Post-vasectomy sample results typically back to you within 2 working days.

Dr Beatty

Last Reviewed / Modified: 4/2/2021

First Published: 19/6/2015