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The Vasectomist, Dr Beatty originally trained in No Scalpel Vasectomy in The UK, moving to Brisbane in 2012.

The team understand that Vasectomy is a significant landmark for many men, providing an opportunity to chat about family, work and life.

We love the fact that every guy is different. Some guys want to know everything there is to know about the procedure whilst others want to ‘just get it done.’ Some guys want to go back to work the next day whilst others take a few days off.

The team can be described as happy and motivated. We understand that most men would frankly rather be somewhere else. You have come to get the job done, and the team want your experience to exceed your expectations.

Affordable No Scalpel Vasectomy


Our pricing is pitched at a fair and affordable level.

Vasectomy in Australia has traditionally been performed under in expensive hospital facilities because private medical insurance only contributes to procedures carried out in a surgical unit.  Vasectomy under sedation is simply not an option in many countries around the world including The UK, yet our private health system encourages this.

Vasectomy performed in a hospital, even with private health cover, is typically more expensive than Vasectomy performed in a primary healthcare facility. Private excess and Surgeon/Anaesthetist gap fees can easily add up to over $1000.

No Scalpel Vasectomy is very comfortably performed using local anaesthetic in a clinic.  Costs are therefore minimised.


  • The team will put you at ease the moment you walk in.
  • Relaxing & welcoming facilities.
  • We aim to run ahead of time – guys are often seen early.
  • Surgical Loupes ensure that Dr Dick is focused on the detail.
  • Chat, watch TV or listen to music during your procedure.


  • Dedicated Vasectomy Clinics.
  • Range of Locations across Brisbane & The Gold Coast.
  • Rare failures due to recanalisation are repeated at our own cost.
  • The Service is Fully Audited.
  • Aftercare includes mobile phone contact with The Vasectomist.


  • Availability often with 1-2 weeks notice at Cleveland.
  • More notice required at Ormeau, Greenslopes or Clayfield.
  • One Visit covers both the consult & the procedure.
  • Return to non-physical work within a day or two.
  • Post Vasectomy Sample around 14 weeks later.

Dr Beatty

Last Reviewed / Modified: 4/9/2019

First Published: 19/6/2015