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Let us introduce ourselves

About the Team

Dr Dick Beatty started out in Vasectomy in The UK over 10 years ago. His wife is Australian and he and the family moved to Brisbane Bayside in 2012.

Dr Dick Beatty and his team regard vasectomy as a special occasion for men. After all, women get all the attention with pregnancy and child birth, so we need to get even!

The team is made up of the receptionists across our locations, Cassie the administrator, Holly the Assistant, and Dr Dick Beatty.

We love the fact that every guy is different. Some guys go back to work the next day, some take a week off, some bring their partner, and some want a discrete vasectomy.

How it all came to be…

No Scalpel Vasectomy

Dr Beatty noticed that many men in Australia have traditionally attended Hospital Clinics for their snip. Why is this?

Private medical insurance covers procedures carried out under ‘in a hospital’ which effectively means under heavy sedation.

Vasectomy under sedation is often expensive even with gap fees. Also, who wants to be sedated for a vasectomy? Vasectomy under sedation is simply not an option in many countries around the world including The UK, yet our insurance system encourages this.

No Scalpel Vasectomy is safely performed on walk-in walk-out basis. And so The Vasectomist’s team stepped in to provide a friendly awake-vasectomy service across Brisbane and The Gold Coast.


  • The Vasectomist Dr Dick Beatty is experienced & will put you at ease.
  • We don’t sedate – trust us, it’s not needed.
  • Needle-free anaesthesia is routinely used. ‘Pain-free Snip’ is his Mission.
  • Surgical Loupes ensure that Dr Dick is in on the action!
  • The service is Run in calm & welcoming Specialist Suites.
  • Our Staff are Experienced, Professional & Friendly.
  • Aftercare includes a direct line to The Vasectomist.


  • Dedicated Vasectomy Clinics.
  • Wide range of Locations across Brisbane & The Gold Coast.
  • Failures are repeated at our own cost.
  • The Service is Fully Audited.
  • Responsive Aftercare.


  • Just One Visit for both The Consult and The Snip.
  • Let’s say that again! Just one visit
  • You can Drive Home.
  • Return to non-physical work within a day or two.
  • Post Vasectomy Sample around 14 weeks later.

We will ask you to complete a short post vasectomy online questionnaire 3 months after the procedure.

Dr Beatty
Last Reviewed / Modified: 8/11/2018
First Published: 19/6/2015