The No Scalpel Vasectomy procedure has made a lot of progress thanks to modern science. Just the name of the procedure strikes fear into the heart of patients and this is due to exaggerated rumours. The good that comes with vasectomies outweighs the bad.

No repeats

Vasectomies are done in one session, so there’s no need for several visits to the doctor. Some clinics offer same-day procedures after a consultation.  

Doctors stress the importance of the follow-up procedure to all patients. One in three men don’t and some have ended up with children after the operation. The follow-up takes place 14-16 weeks later and is required to confirm that vasectomy was effective.

Effective and painless

Female contraception can be traumatic. Women who undergo fertility operations, like getting their tubes tied or sterilization, face days in hospital and an emotional roller coaster. Plus, there’s little to no chance of reversal.

Scalpel-free vasectomy procedures are done with a 0.2mm needle and a “keyhole” method. The incision is small;  a 2mm hole that heals within 10 days. Local anaesthetic is applied before the doctor starts work. There is no need to go to a hospital unless the patient is a special case.

Thanks to no-scalpel methods, the recovery time is minimal though strenuous work isn’t advisable for a few days afterwards. The patient is in-and-out in an hour or so. There’s also a very low risk  of infection or bleeding.

Your lifestyle

Vasectomies are one of the most effective methods of birth control. Men can be intimate with their partner and not worry about an accidental pregnancy. The old rumour that the procedure lowers sex drives isn’t true, and patients aren’t “lesser men” because of it.

Another perk is money, or rather how much a couple can save. The vasectomy procedure does cost, but it’s a one off. There’s little need for other contraceptives that slowly burn through monthly expenses.