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Basically a high-tech fine sprayer

What is No Needle Anaesthesia?

Let’s face it, most guys don’t want a needle ‘down there!’

The No Needle device is a specialised instrument that sprays rather than injects local anaesthetic through the skin. Naturally, guys find the experience very comfortable.

Dr Dick Beatty feels that the patient experience of a deftly used ultrafine needle or that of The no needle device are comparable in that Pain-free is the goal however you do it. The issue is more that the anticipation of a needle ‘down there’ does put a lot of guys off getting the job done.


Dr Dick Beatty gets out The Whiteboard

How Does it Work?

The instrument has a specific fitting that is designed to be used only for No Scalpel Vasectomy. The fitting is a curved shape that is designed to gently sit on top of the tube before releasing the anaesthetic.

The high tech mechanical device works by spraying local anaesthetic through the skin to the underlying tube. The objective is to numb both the skin and the underlying tube. This is performed with meticulous attention to detail.

What will I Feel?

Dr Dick Beatty hears the following feedback:

  • ‘That’s different’ (laugh)
  • ‘like a a flick’
  • ‘Nothing’
  • ‘Something’

You may feel a ‘flick’ but not a ‘prick!’

Satisfaction rates of no needle anaesthesia are very high.


Another option For the guys who prefer a needle!

The ultra-fine 33G needle is ridiculously fine (and short) and is sourced from overseas. This achieves great anaesthesia.

See this needle comparison chart. The diameter of a 33G needle is 0.2 mm which is considerably finer than a needle used for taking blood or giving a vaccine.

The 33G causes minimal to no discomfort.  Bear in mind that the 33G needle is the same diameter as that used by kids for their daily diabetes needles, and it is more likely that you feel the anaesthetic going in rather than the needle itself.


Full sedation is a ‘general anaesthetic’ (GA) requiring an anaesthetist with access to the full paraphernalia of emergency care. A vasectomy rarely needs to be performed under sedation.

Local anaesthetic vasectomy using no-needle anaesthesia is safe, quick and painless. The 2015 national US Vasectomy guideline makes a positive recommendation that local anaesthetic is routine used: ‘Vasectomy should be performed with local anesthesia with or without oral sedation’ (statement 5).

In The UK, vasectomy under GA is almost unheard of. Satisfaction with local-anaesthetic vasectomy is very high.

There are very few patients who are not nervous about having a vasectomy. However, there are lots of ways to reduce anxiety – and a GA is, in Dr Beatty’s opinion, a last resort for guys who have extreme anxiety. GA is also suited for guys with challenging anatomy because the testicles drop by around 2cm during a general anaesthetic. The pre-vasectomy consultation will pick up any issues requiring a referral for vasectomy under a general anaesthetic.