Dr ‘Dick’ Beatty is genuinely passionate about vasectomy being a good experience.

The driving force behind his practice is to strive for every vasectomy being a positive experience. Vasectomy can be very emotional for many men – the man’s equivalent to childbirth – without the pain (but don’t tell your partner that!).

Dr Beatty trained in No Scalpel Vasectomy in the UK, moving to Brisbane in 2012. At The Vasectomist, the team understand that this procedure is a landmark for many men – it provides them the opportunity to talk about family, work and life.

We all have a ‘preferred name’ – the one that sticks. Dr Beatty’s nickname ‘Dick’ started over 30 years ago and the name has stuck. He is registered with AHPRA as both Dr Richard Beatty and Dr ‘Dick’ Beatty AHPRA MED0001798452.

Who Trained The Vasectomist?


Dr Dick Beatty knows a thing or two about ‘crown jewels’, not least because he was brought up a stone’s throw from Windsor Castle! He went to medical school in Southampton, and onto postgraduate medical training at Addenbrooke’s hospital, Cambridge. He subsequently developed an interest in men’s health and was accepted onto The UK’s formal vasectomy training programme – the FSRH Special Skills Module Certificate in Vasectomy that assesses the doctor on approximately 40 patients. There is no equivalent training programme in Australia.

Every year, dozens of Australian doctors start out training vasectomy on plastic model. Only a handful of doctors perform the majority of Australian Vasectomies. Dr Beatty is one of them, performing over 1,000 vasectomies per year around Brisbane and The Gold Coast.

Surgical technique was refined under Dr Laurel Spooner, the UK’s ‘mother of vasectomy’, and Dr Dough Stein, The American Vasectomist who starred in the movie ‘The Vasectomist.’

His technique is described as no scalpel, open ended clip-free vasectomy. Fascial interposition is performed using absorbable suture.

The relevant qualifications are: BM (SOTON), MRCP(UK) FRACGP Cert LA Vasectomy(UK). Dr Beatty is a current Fellow of The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. The AHPRA Specialist registration is MED0001798452.

Continuing Quality Improvement


Vasecomies and their outcomes are meticulously recorded as a part of continuing quality improvement. Data is collected by three independent methods:

  1. An anonymous survey two weeks after the procedure – to provide feedback on the overall experience
  2. The post vasectomy sample.
  3. Post procedure telephone or SMS consults. If you have any concerns or issues after the procedure, you are encouraged to get in touch with Dr Beatty directly. Each contact and outcome is logged.

The last two years has seen similar numbers of infection and haematoma, each less than 1 in 300.

Rate of failure (recanalisation) should be quoted as number of failures per vasectomy for which we have received a post vasectomy result. Around a third of men don’t do a post vasectomy test, so quoting failure per total number of vasectomies could be misleading. His failure rate for 2020 is 1 in 600 results returned.

Pain after 3 months affects <1% of patients.

100% of men who replied to the two week post vasectomy survey were satisfied with the procedure with exceptional level of comfort.

Dr Beatty is very happy to show you the anonymised spreadsheets on demand.


A vasectomy should be comfortable and pain-less and Dr Beatty makes every effort to ensure this is the case. Although it can’t be 100% guaranteed every time, the majority of men find the experience rewarding (and much less stressful than they imagined).

Dr Beatty uses a combination of fine physical and interpersonal skills to perform a very comfortable  No Scalpel Vasectomy.

‘The Art of Vasectomy is to make action feel like inaction.’


  • Has the high precision skill required to perform No Scalpel Vasectomy (NSV).
  • Trained in No Scalpel Vasectomy in the UK
  • Wants you to tell your friends how good the experience was.
  • Only does vasectomies on clinic days, allowing him to be completely ‘in the groove.’
  • Is a dual member of both The Royal College of Physicians UK (FRACP equivalent) & FRACG.
  • Lives in Brisbane Bayside with his family, and plays the keyboard in his spare time.


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Dr Beatty

Last Reviewed / Modified: 11/5/2021

First Published: 19/6/2015