Dr Beatty trained in No Scalpel Vasectomy in The UK over a decade ago. He was trained by the internationally renowned vasectomy expert Dr Laurel Spooner. Dr Beatty moved to The Gold Coast over five years ago. He provides expert and affordable no scalpel vasectomy at the excellent Pacific Private Hospital in Southport. Free parking is provided underground for patients.

Just one visit is required, and you may drive home.

Guys who have the snip done on a Thursday may go back to office work the following day, or ask for a medical certificate.

Three Snippets about our service

  • We Do No Sedate
  • You Can Drive Home
  • You Can Book Online

Why don’t you sedate?

For the same reason that sedation is not required for a skin biopsy or tooth extraction, both of which you’ll feel more than a minimally invasive vasectomy. You are welcome to ask for a tablet to help you relax. However, to put this into context, Dr Beatty usually finds that this is only necessary in around 2% of guys. The No Scalpel Method is designed to be performed without sedation.


Our Clinic is located in The Pacific Private Hospital, Southport. The Pacific Private Clinic is found on level 5.

Phone, Fax & Email

Phone: 07 5628 0157
Fax: 07 3154 2320
Email: southport@thevasectomist.com.au


The Vasectomist

Suite 2, Level 5
123 Nerang St
Southport, QLD 4215

Opening Hours

The Specialist Rooms are staffed Tuesday to Friday, 9am to 4pm.

Check The Calendar & Book Online.


Pacific Private Hospital is on the corner of Nerang Street & Cougal Street.

  • Coming from the West, turn left onto Cougal St.
  • Coming from the East, you cannot turn right onto Cougal Street! Turn ‘early’ with a right turn onto High Street, and 1st left onto Cougal Street.

Free Parking is just off Cougal Street under The Hospital.

Take the lift to level 5 and Pacific Private Clinic is found in Suite 2.


Parking at the southport vasectomy clinic
Pacific Private Clinic, Southport
The Vasectomist Rooms Southport

Online Appointment – Southport

  • This calendar shows just the available vasectomy appointments at Southport only.
  • you may also check the calendar for all locations.
Dr Beatty
Last Reviewed / Modified: 22/8/17
First Published: 15/8/2017

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