UPDATE 12/6/2020

We have re-opened Clayfield and Ormeau.

We are now running clinics from all four locations.

UPDATE 28/5/2020

You are welcome to bring your partner in with you.

You no longer have to wear a mask in the waiting room.

Billing is through physical EFPOS.

No-one knows if There will be a post-corona baby boom. Play it safe!

UPDATE 6/5/2020

We are doing procedures at Cleveland and Greenslopes.

UPDATE 15/4/2020

Elective surgery in the private sector may still go ahead in Queensland.

The Queensland Health COVID-19 response of 20/3/2020 indicates to ‘Continue non-urgent elective surgery in the private sector.’

Just book online in the normal way.

We have implemented special pandemic pricing.

Vasectomy experience: During The Pandemic

During March 2020 we implemented the following changes to keep our environment safe from COVID-19:

  • One person in, one person out.
  • Dr Dick and staff follow the 2m rule except the time that you are both wearing a surgical mask.
  • The waiting room follows the 4m rule – more like 14m – you’re in on your own! 
  • We disinfect the door handles, couch, anything that has been touched.
  • Billing and medicare are performed away from the desk or EFTPOS terminal.
  • We ask you to complete a brief COVID-19 questionnaire on arrival.
  • You complete your registration form online.

There is little evidence that we should all be wearing surgical masks when neither of us have any symptoms. Advice from The Australian Medical Association is that  ‘standard precautions’ are taken by doctors in consulting rooms.

However, we err on the side of caution, and going beyond advice from The Australian Medical Association.

Surgical masks are in short supply but we have sourced an Australian-made very high quality multi-layer fabric mask for Dr Dick. These masks are unsuitable for hospital use so we don’t feel guilty about buying surgical masks that should be prioritised for hospitals. You will wear just a level 1 mask which is again probably unecessary but not suitable for hospital use.

Should you postpone your Vasectomy?

In the context of The Coronavirus Pandemic and Vasectomy, you may consider:

  • The financial pressure of an unexpected pregnancy at a time of economic uncertainty.
  • There is research indicating an increase in pregnancies after natural disasters. Really we don’t know this for sure. In any case, population data after specific natural or man-made disasters can only say so much about the risk of unintended pregnancy for an individual couple.

Vasectomy is more cost-effective than other forms of contraception. Check our Contraceptive Comparison Infographic here.

Contraception, even more than Coronavirus, is a marathon and not a sprint.

Let’s just finish off with a controversial truism which is that we need more babies to help pay our future tax bills incurred by COVID-19.