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Who can go straight to ‘Go’?

  • Men > 30 years of age, or
  • Men 25-29 years of age who have fathered, and
  • Men whose body mass index (BMI) is < 45

Please note that men younger than 25 years who have not fathered will be asked to return with a supportive referral letter from their GP.

Booking a vasectomy directly online

  • Pay $100 deposit via Stripe (using your debit or credit card).
  • Confirmation is instant.
  • We’ll send you reminders, and contact you if we have any queries.
  • You’re good to go.

Half a day is all it takes*

*up to 2 hrs drive each way.


  • The Schedule is set 12 weeks ahead on a rolling basis.
  • Each location has its own calendar.
  • Cleveland gives you the best choice of dates.
  • Remember that you can do non-manual work the following day.
  • A medical certificate can be issued for no work and/or light duties.


We are spread all over Brisbane and North Gold Coast.

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Manager, The Vasectomist

Dr  Beatty

Last Reviewed / Modified: 4/2/2021

First Published: 16/2/2021